Sí nos importan


Role: concept development, UX writing, creating pieces for social media campaign.

'Sí nos importan' was an initiative by ALDI to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables by changing the way in which we use the Spanish language to discriminate against them.

We encouraged people to change typical sayings like 'Me importa un pimiento' (I don't give a pepper), used when something is not of importance, or 'Dar calabazas' (To give pumpkins) when you reject an offering, to whatever they wanted.

The campaign launched with a TV adinviting you to create a new saying at sinosimportan.com, and become "the savior of fruits and vegetables".

Creative Direction: Maite Carrillo.
Digital Copywriter: Miguel Coletta.
Digital Art Directors: Rubén Hidalgo, Irene Sánchez, Pol Fàbregas.