Marca Buzz

La cara más divertida del deporte

Role: content creation, CMS management, campaign concepting.

Marca Buzz is a side venture of the biggest Spanish language newspaper in the world: Diario Marca.

In an attempt to reach a new audience that might not be very interested in who won which match last weekend, we created a website where we explore a more fun side of the sports world. Memes, lists, GIFs, bloopers, and videos are what Marca Buzz is all about.

Through this platform, we also created branded content for clients such as EA Sports, Pokerstars, L'Oreal, and many others. Check out the video below for a case study on our work for the EA Sports' game, UFC2.

In just a year we had over 60k fans on Facebook and daily website views of around 300k.

El Sol de Iberoamérica 2016: Bronze in Media (Format Innovation).