by Aldi

Role: concept development, UX writing for website and app, creating pieces for social media campaign.

When everybody in the family feels the joy of Xmas, it becomes something else. Especially the arrival of Santa.

To keep Xmas' biggest secret safe, ALDI created Inocencia, a platform dedicated to safeguard it and give parents peace of mind when letting their kids browse the internet.

Inocencia worked as a search engine that, when certain Christmas-related topics were searched for, it returned only the results kids were ready for.

The campaign launched with a video aimed at parents, where we cryptically explained what the tool was, and directed them to our website, mantenlainocencia.com, where they could download an app or browser extension to make Inocencia work on their devices.

Creative Director: Maite Carrillo.
Digital Copywriter: Miguel Coletta.
Digital Art Directors: Rubén Hidalgo, Irene Sánchez, Pol Fàbregas.